Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Being over 50 and My Vanity Distraction

It's been quite awhile since I have posted and I am trying to adjust my lifestyle to being more consistent. Not only with my blog but with life decisions as well.  I have spent the last few weeks battling bronchitis, with an "episode" of high blood pressure mixed in for good measure.  All of this combined, (did I mention I started a new job as well?) have left me feeling a bit unsettled and insecure.  
Since today is my 50-something birthday I felt it was the right time to put things back in balance. I have pledged to myself to take a multivitamin everyday, exercise and lose some weight. All things in moderation. Wish me luck as I will need support to stay on track. 

Contrary to what my children think, there is life after 50, and I want to be around to enjoy it!

To distract myself from the coughing and being up at all hours from a prednisone induced mania, I dove into a furniture project that I had for my Mother for Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, I did not take a BEFORE picture but it looked a lot like this one:

After much perusing on Pinterest (Been down that rabbit hole lately?)
I decided to do a stain/paint combo.  I love the look.  I used ASCP in Cream and a dark walnut gel stain from Hobby Lobby.  The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is so easy to use and glides on like butter.  
Here is the end result:

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  I know you love it! 

Time to Fly!


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