Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's February? (Free Printables) and Organizational Distraction

SO.. I just got the last of the Christmas stuff actually put away (there I said it)...Can anybody else relate? 
I had this "eclectic" mix of Snowmen, random greenery, Valentine's Day Framed Printables,
 and green apples on my kitchen window ledge, 
waiting for spring. 
 Time to get it together.
I have been midstream with lots of unfinished projects and have had a hard time prioritizing. 
 Seems I set my mind on one thing just to be diverted to another. I tore into our office which is quite a small space, practically a closet, and have yet to pick up the pieces in there. 

 My laundry is always lurking (Have I mentioned I HATE Laundry?) and I need to go through clothes and purge. 

I want to downsize our TV cabinet in the basement, but it is full of games and the girls childhood toys. What do I do with all of that? So...more sorting, more purging...does it ever get any easier? 

Ever have so many thoughts in your head that you get exhausted just trying to put them in some sort of order that makes sense? 
 Whew...Guess I just need to take one thing at a time and finish.
 I'll let you know how that works out!  Stay Posted!

 In the mean time I have a link to the Valentine Printables that I mentioned earlier. 
 SO cute and easy! Just Print and Frame!
And this one too! 
Time to get moving...
Any of you ever hit an Organizational Distraction? 
 Time to Fly!