Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do you hear what I hear? Our Tree Tradition

That Christmas carol rings true as I hear the clock ticking toward the holidays.  
Can you believe that the Turkey and Dressing are just a Pepcid memory? 
How about Black Friday? Did you camp out for something you just couldn't pass up? 
I'm listening to Christmas tunes at work and it seems I just watered my impatiens in my flower box outside last week!

We got our tree this weekend.  We always get a real tree. We have for years.  
The one thing I would like to share with you is a tradition that started the Christmas before my husband and I were married. 1982 to be exact (No, I did not rock any 80's big hair) 
I had a tree in my apartment that he helped me decorate.  It was huge for the little one bedroom I was in, and I remember only some red Christmas ball ornaments, come candy canes, and white ribbon bows that I made and put on it.  For some reason that year I dated the bottom of the tree, (you know, the part that you cut off so the tree siphons,) and kept it.

So the tradition was born.
Every year since then we have keep the bottom of our trees and marked them with the year.

Some announce dates, others are non-descript.

Large, small, whatever, we have them all.
30 of them...Has it been that long?
This little guy comes out every year and stands on the new tree bottom.
When it has dried out for the year,
I mark them with a simple sharpie.

Funny how something just "starts" and then continues with no planning, those happy accidents that find their way into our family traditions.

What are some of your "happy accidents" that have materialized into an all out tradition? Love to hear! 

By the way, Do you hear what I hear? 
The sound of my tree waiting to be decorated!

P.S. Remember this little cutie? MOD CLOTH! Just had to have him.
(My only decor purchase this year!) 

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