Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8

Day 8

I am Thankful for music.  All kinds of music. 
The songs that evoke that memory long past.  Or the ones that get you through a tough time in your life.  That make you want to dance or sing in the shower.  

My whole life I have been exposed to music.  My girls have come to know, and love, many different genres.
The best are the songs you make up on your own.  Listening to my children laugh to made up lyrics to a tune has given me many laugh-till-you-cry moments. 

All three have had a specific bedtime song.  
The tunes are as varied as they are.  

Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews

Groovy Kind of Love
Phil Collins

An Irish Lullaby
Bing Crosby in :"Going My Way"
It's appropriate that this is her song as she is the most Irish looking of all of us.  My husband's mother was Irish and Hannah favors that heritage with her auburn hair and fair skin. 

My husband, Kevin, would tuck them all into their beds and sing these songs to them as toddlers.  It was a wonderful nurturing tradition that I hope they will carry on with their own children.

Well, until tomorrow...see if this brings back any memories!

Good Night, Good Night!
Lawrence Welk Orchestra Closing Credits

Time to fly!