Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1,190 way...MY BLOGCATION!

We're goin' on a ROAD TRIP!!  
I'm calling it MY BLOGCATION! 
Charlottesville, Virginia!
1,190 miles ONE WAY! 

My Aunt and Uncle lived there.  
Their son, my cousin Jeff, is still there. 

My Mom and her sister Mary (pictured with Jeff) were very close.  
She died in December 1st , 2006 from complications of Breast Cancer. Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it's fitting that we make the trek this month.  As hard as it is to go to a familiar place without the people there that you miss,we'll enjoy seeing Jeff, the Fall colors and visiting places that we missed on our last trip.  

Did you know that around the Charlottesville Area there are over 30 wineries?  
We plan to hit more than one!  During our trip I will be blogging from our different venues and giving you the Road Trip action on the days we travel. 

One of our planned wine stops is:
Should be awesome....
We leave Friday morning the 19th...At O'Dark-Thirty.. Did I mention that I am going with my 70 something Parents and my Daughter1?  This should be quite the adventure ..Stay tuned!

Time to Fly!