Thursday, October 4, 2012

81 days 6 hours 16 minutes....

It keeps me grounded in the perpetual circle of life.  
I love the colors, the smells, the music and the hope for snow.  The ever elusive "White Christmas".  
Of course I am well aware of the reason for the season, and I enjoy the anticipation of the birth of Christ and the celebration that comes with the Advent season. 

Here is one of my favorite pins from Pinterest.  I looked for the source but could not find it to give credit to the photographer. 
I don't know where this is...but I want to be there on Christmas Eve. 
I live in the Midwest and we have had our share of White Christmases, but the nostalgia of this picture wraps up the feeling for me. 

I remember as a child being pulled on a sled by my Dad and Mom in the snowfall, to a little cafe "uptown" where we had supper in the front window...I was only in Kindergarten, but I still remember it. 

The tradition of Holiday baking was formed in my mind early on also, as my Mother, Grandmothers, Aunts and cousins spent countless hours making all of our Special Holiday Cookies just for the season. 
Here is a picture from last year with my Best Gals-My Mom and Juli.  You can see the cookies lined up everywhere
All the different cookie cutters some even older than I am! 
We'll talk later on recipes and favs...

In the mean time let me know what some of YOUR family favorites are! 
(BTW did you notice the countdown clock at the top of the page? I couldn't resist)

Time to FLY!