Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glass Etching...even a caveman can do it!

Recently we hosted my Family Reunion here in Omaha.  My family was in charge of the prizes for our                Lawn Jart/Polish Horseshoes tournament. 
My daughter, her husband and I were brainstorming one evening when my son-in-law made the wild suggestion to etch some bar-ware. Now it wasn't the bar-ware that got us, but the etching...who wanted to figure all of that out? Too hard..

Then he said it. Anthony, the guy we both thought we knew so well, said it. "I know how to etch glass" he his ever so laid back Anthony way.  Abbey and I looked at each other and spouted out "WHAT!!?? You know how to do WHAT???" He had been keeping the secret from us for many seasons.

                                   We could have been creating this for Christmas gifts:
or this for a Bridal Shower:
Or even this beer glass...
Well, maybe not the skull and cross bones, but you get the idea!

After Anthony's "True Confession" Abbey and I were trying not to be bitter, realizing all the DIY gifts he had denied us. INSTEAD we got busy!
We found some inexpensive, but awesome shot glasses at Walmart.
Since all of my cousins are NOT from Husker Nation we thought it appropriate to christen them with a Nebraska "Big N" shot glass! 
Anthony sent us out for contact paper, etching medium, and an exacto knife.
Anthony went to work making a stencil out of contact paper! WHO KNEW!!?
He applied it to the shot glass and was ready to cut it out.
With steady hand Abbey cut out the first "Big N"
Following packaging directions, she applied the etching medium.  We used cream so it wouldn't run and would be more forgiving.
After the appropriate time, about 5 minutes, longer for a heavier etch, we rinsed the shot glass with water.
Then it was time to be patient , let it dry and wait for results!
My how we love our Anthony! He's no caveman, but he sure made the process an easy one. 
Who knew he had so much DIY talent stored up in his Cabela hat.
Here is a great picture of the two of them from the reunion.
The glasses were a hit, as well as the shots that were consumed in toasts to family members lost.
Thanks you two.  It's good to have family. 
Time to Fly!
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