Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You call me "CHEAP" like it's a bad thing...and a teaser.

Have I got a deal for you! 
Go to Blogaholic Designs and check out the new *FREE*, say it with me *FREE*, Blog templates, buttons and the works! Emily is so creative and I am so glad our worlds collided! 

She also offers creative templates at a VERY minimal price for the quality.  She has so much to pick from for every Blog Style you could want. I just wanted you all to know that there are some VERY creative people out there that are willing to "Help a Girl out" by offering a quality product that looks great and is EASY to install.  

She has all the directions for download and a great line, by line, explanation 
(for the dummy bloggers like me) that even I could do! 
I hope you get a chance to check her out.   You'll be happy you did! This is not a paid plug, just one blogger to another getting the word out! 

Tomorrow, I will be posting on our favorite Christmas tradition in our house...Come back to check it out!
Here's a teaser! 

Time To FLY!


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