Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My TOP 10 or 11...Christmas movies...A re-post

As mentioned in an earlier post: 

Here are our Family Non-animated Favorites
In no particular order:

The Bishop's Wife  1947

White Christmas 1954 
(Where the classic song "Sisters" is from, also)

It's A Wonderful Life  1946

The Bells of St. Mary's  1945

Miracle on 34th Street (Original)  1947

A Christmas Carol 1984
George C. Scott version  (although the Muppet version is awesome, we'll list it later)

The Santa Clause 1,2, and 3.  1994/2002/2006

Mrs. Santa Claus 1996

Jack Frost 1998

And just for fun...the old TV Variety Show Specials

No, Christmas Story did not make our list...GASP! 

I had a girl house, and not that it's not a great movie, it just didn't catch on as one of our favorites. 
There are so many others.  I'm sure you are thinking "But what about..."  
This is our list, and ones we count on to keep that traditional feeling in our home.  I'd love to hear some of your favorites that you watch!

So that's the 1st List.  
The 2nd List, Animated Favorites, will follow soon. Here's a teaser...

1960's Claymation: What would we have done without it?

Time to FLY! 


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