Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm still Thankful...Christmas preview

Okay, so the daily list of things I am thankful for didn't pan out so well.  So much for trying to keep up with life and my blog at the same time. 

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is in two days.  Wasn't it just Labor Day? I understand now when my Grandma used to say that the days fly by so quickly the older you get.  40 years ago I wished them away so we could just get to Christmas faster!  I have been wanting to get my Christmas decorations out, but my Daughter3 keeps reminding me to:
 "Let Thanksgiving have it's day, Mom!"  
But that doesn't stop me from planning!  

I really love the mercury glass and bottle brush trees this year. 

Pottery Barn

And these Jingle Bells are to die for...

Pottery Barn

Snowflakes are a favorite.
Pottery Barn

But the White is so peaceful..with some Silver and Red accents....
I SWOON over this stuff!

This is one of my favorites when you don't have a mantle to decorate.
She changes this vignette with the seasons. Brilliant.  You need to check her out, she is very creative and on a DIY budget!

So that's just a little peek of what I have going on in my head. 

Plus, for some reason I just love this little guy...I
in all of his Vintage cuteness.

I'll let you know when the Christmas bins have been unloaded.  
Until then, I am still Thankful that it is only 
November 20th! 

Time to Fly!


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