Monday, October 8, 2012

Spicey Solution

I've always wanted my spices in a drawer so I could access them easier and be able to look at-a-glance as to what was available.  I ran across a Pin on Pinterest that was dead on to what I wanted to do. Joanna from To A Pretty Life did an amazing job with the graphics and she even offers them FREE to download and use.

The only thing that I did to tweak this was cover the printed labels with clear laminate sheets.  
I printed the labels on card stock.

This is what I started with, almost the same as Joanna.
Sharpies at their best!
And this is the finished product!

All organized and room for more!

It took me longer to clean out the drawer and make room for the jars, than it did to get them labeled.  By the way, the jars are from Hobby Lobby. :)

Fast and Organized!

Time to FLY!



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