Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Last 500 miles...

We Made it!

The mountains were beautiful. 
There was so much to look at and the views were different around every one. 
Friday, October 19, 2012

The first 650 miles!

We made it to Louisville, Kentucky and are getting settled in at a local Holiday Inn.  The day was a great one, but very long. 
We drove from 6:45AM to 7:45PM.
We got here via Kansas City and St. Louis.  The Fall Colors started to really change east of St. Louis and we are all anxious to have a sunny day to enjoy them tomorrow.  Here are some shots out the car window.  It was raining so you don't get the full impact. 
Up tomorrow early again tomorrow and on to Charlottesville!
Stay tuned! 
Time to Fly!
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1,190 way...MY BLOGCATION!

We're goin' on a ROAD TRIP!!  
I'm calling it MY BLOGCATION! 
Charlottesville, Virginia!
1,190 miles ONE WAY! 

My Aunt and Uncle lived there.  
Their son, my cousin Jeff, is still there. 

My Mom and her sister Mary (pictured with Jeff) were very close.  
She died in December 1st , 2006 from complications of Breast Cancer. Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it's fitting that we make the trek this month.  As hard as it is to go to a familiar place without the people there that you miss,we'll enjoy seeing Jeff, the Fall colors and visiting places that we missed on our last trip.  

Did you know that around the Charlottesville Area there are over 30 wineries?  
We plan to hit more than one!  During our trip I will be blogging from our different venues and giving you the Road Trip action on the days we travel. 

One of our planned wine stops is:
Should be awesome....
We leave Friday morning the 19th...At O'Dark-Thirty.. Did I mention that I am going with my 70 something Parents and my Daughter1?  This should be quite the adventure ..Stay tuned!

Time to Fly!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Spicey Solution

I've always wanted my spices in a drawer so I could access them easier and be able to look at-a-glance as to what was available.  I ran across a Pin on Pinterest that was dead on to what I wanted to do. Joanna from To A Pretty Life did an amazing job with the graphics and she even offers them FREE to download and use.

The only thing that I did to tweak this was cover the printed labels with clear laminate sheets.  
I printed the labels on card stock.

This is what I started with, almost the same as Joanna.
Sharpies at their best!
And this is the finished product!

All organized and room for more!

It took me longer to clean out the drawer and make room for the jars, than it did to get them labeled.  By the way, the jars are from Hobby Lobby. :)

Fast and Organized!

Time to FLY!


Velva's Chair

I acquired this beautiful piece after it had been passed around from my Mom, My Daughter1, and then to me.  Now it was headed to the Goodwill, when my better judgement intervened just in time.  It is a beautiful old wicker and has great bones.  No breaks in the cane, no breaks or chips in the wicker and SOLID. BUT it was the most awful color creamy dirty yellowish white. Nothing beautifully vintage.  It just looked Dirty. SO it sat in my living room...for what seemed like forever, 2 days before I couldn't stand it any longer.

 Out came the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I put a quick coat of Paris grey over the entire chair,  making sure to get into the nook and crannies of the wicker. 

 I let that dry completely then put a white wash-watered down coat of Old white over it.  After letting that dry I rubbed a little sand paper here and there to bring back it's "Curl up and read a book" patina that I was hoping for.  Some clear ASCP wax for protection and I was done! It literally took me less that 1 hour.  (OK, so I messed around in the kitchen to let it dry and made some popcorn) maybe closer to 1.5 factoring in the popcorn time. :) 

 I love that it was easy and looks fresher, but hasn't lost it's original bones.  The detailing is great.. so vintage.

The chair originally came from an elderly friend of my Mom's that wanted her to have it, after my parents downsizing, it was passed through my daughter's hands onto mine.  Well Velva, I found a place for it. And thank you for keeping it so lovely all those years.  I know she is smiling down at me.
Time to Fly! 
Vintage On A Dime
In The Old Road
Thursday, October 4, 2012

81 days 6 hours 16 minutes....

It keeps me grounded in the perpetual circle of life.  
I love the colors, the smells, the music and the hope for snow.  The ever elusive "White Christmas".  
Of course I am well aware of the reason for the season, and I enjoy the anticipation of the birth of Christ and the celebration that comes with the Advent season. 

Here is one of my favorite pins from Pinterest.  I looked for the source but could not find it to give credit to the photographer. 
I don't know where this is...but I want to be there on Christmas Eve. 
I live in the Midwest and we have had our share of White Christmases, but the nostalgia of this picture wraps up the feeling for me. 

I remember as a child being pulled on a sled by my Dad and Mom in the snowfall, to a little cafe "uptown" where we had supper in the front window...I was only in Kindergarten, but I still remember it. 

The tradition of Holiday baking was formed in my mind early on also, as my Mother, Grandmothers, Aunts and cousins spent countless hours making all of our Special Holiday Cookies just for the season. 
Here is a picture from last year with my Best Gals-My Mom and Juli.  You can see the cookies lined up everywhere
All the different cookie cutters some even older than I am! 
We'll talk later on recipes and favs...

In the mean time let me know what some of YOUR family favorites are! 
(BTW did you notice the countdown clock at the top of the page? I couldn't resist)

Time to FLY!