Friday, August 31, 2012

Light Bulb Moment

Ever have one of those moments when you think of something from your past, and a light bulb goes off?

Well, I had one of those a few weeks ago.
You caught a glimpse of this in a previous post, but I wanted to share the thought process with you! 
Now you all know how I love to re-purpose, and the older, and more sentimental, the better. 
I am ALMOST done with my kitchen re-do, and needed a space-saving storage solution that was a little retro.  Then it hit me! 
A 50's kitchen cart! 
They come in all different Shapes...


And Sizes...

My Mother-in-Law and my Grandmother had one.
Both had kitchens much like this-
Simple, functional and not much storage.
Anything you could find to stash a mixer or cookbooks was used.  I even remember my Grandmother using hers for cereal boxes and her bread box.  Wow, those memories flood back so easily. 
I got on E-bay and nosed around and came up with this little hummer...
I liked the traditional shape, the shabbiness of the shelves (some rusty areas) and the fact that it was already green! My new kitchen is accented with Apple Green, so is that the new Avocado? 
Here it is after I loaded it up!
you can see in this shot the shabby rusted area on the lower shelf  along with some chips and dents on the other shelves.
To me that gives it soul, and tells a story of it's function and use 60 years ago.  Let me know if you have any childhood memories that lead you down the path of re-purposing. I'll think of those two lovely ladies in my life who influenced me to purchase one, with a great fondness.

Time to Fly!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Falling for Fall-Mum's the word...

I LOVE this time of year.  My High School Sweetheart Husband loathes it. Fall means Winter is next, and he hates the cold weather...I, however, anticipate it, relish in it and absorb as much of it as I can! 
This past weekend I was with my Mom and got the "itch" to do some embellishing with her mum that she purchased as a gift.  

I love mums.

Aren't they beautiful?

Put them with some pumpkins, falling leaves and the smell of an outdoor fire, and I'm in heaven. I love sweatshirt weather, Indian Summer days, cool evenings, AHHH....I digress.

We made our way to the local green house, (my Mom loves Canoyer's in Omaha) and picked out, 
as she would say,"a good one." 

Then we stopped at Hobby Lobby and found some cute fall print cotton material, (I used 1 yard depending on the size of your pot/basket), some burlap ribbon, and a fall leaf with some Indian corn embellishment.  
I wrapped the basket the Mum was in and tied it with the burlap ribbon. I tucked the fabric into the basket at the top to "wrap" it.  My Mom had the Pumpkin plant stake from a previous shopping trip.  This is how it came together!
Kind of cute until we get to see the blooms! Now to make one for......ME! 
Do I smell S'mores? Fall is in the air.....
Time to Fly!
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Friday, August 3, 2012

It started with the train case...ETSY

Okay, so it all started off innocently enough.  Last Christmas I purchased this vintage train case for my daughter to stash her "stuff" in, on her dresser from Victoria at Vix Vintage....before that I had just dabbled on the ETSY site.  
Then it was like the heavens opened with the angels singing.

My ETSY obsession had begun.  Now I have not purchased hundreds of items on there, BUT I have purchased things that I love and appreciate, either for their craftsmanship or their vintage throwback ability. 
Here are just a few with a link to the shops:
Becky from TimeWashed is my buddy.  She and I hit it off and I love her attention to detail. She lives in Florida, maybe I'll hop a plane some day and pop in on her.  You would love to get to know her, too!
MonMell has wonderful decorative pillows.  I had to have this one!  I love the burlap and the added  moss for the "nest."
Then Pam from Whimsy Sweet Whimsy had this darling owl and he just spoke to me,
"Please buy me, you deserve to have my cuteness in your home!"
My chippy croquet balls were just the touch I wanted for a great wire basket I purchased from Decor Steals...(But that is another post)
Itsy Bits and Pieces is great for those items that you can't always find at the flea market but need for your decor. They have so much to choose from.  PLUS I got a bonus Vintage Bingo Card and Flashcard!  It was so fun to get those extras in my already highly anticipated package!
Then lastly for today, is my art from Gemini Studio.  Stephen Fowler is a very talented Studio Artist and I LOVE my Bichon Art. (Hey, I'm a Gemini too!)

If you love dogs and GREAT graphic art...This is your one stop shop.
Next post, I'll share some styling that I did with these wonderful items.  Until then, check out more
I'm sure you will get into just as much trouble as I did! 

Time To FLY!