Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Craig's List Hutch

 Did you ever have one of those things that gets in your head and you just can't get it out until you have accomplished it? That's the way it was for me and my hutch.  I knew what I wanted, and I knew I had to be patient to find it.  Enter Craig's List.  I was able to find exactly what I wanted for $40.00.  Since we live in a small townhouse, I knew I wanted display space and hidden storage.  Voila'! there it was, and I even became friends with the lady I bought it from! 

 I had long since decided on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite and I was eager to get it transformed. 

Here are a few pictures along the way to see how it went from 80's Blondie to Stately Statement.

Then dressed for Christmas. 
I had so much fun transforming it from something in my mind to reality!

Changing it up for seasons and everyday leaves infinite possibilities.  
Now what to do next......Time to check Pinterest! 

Time to Fly!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Curiosity...A Grandaughter's Question

Birdie, Birdie, Wait a little Longer...
That's the way she used to say it...

My Grandma Platt used to say that to me every time my "wants" were greater than my "needs". 
(Here she is in her favorite room in her tiny apartment.  
I can still see every detail and smell those rolls coming out of the oven......)

It wasn't until recently, while going through all the sentimental bins in my basement, that I ran across all the cards and letters that my Grandma had sent me through the years. 
From Late Teen years to Adulthood, I had them all. 
I read as many as I could while still trying to be productive and not cry...(Like that happened.)  Her handwriting and the cadence of her words in her letters made me curious as to where she got the endeared Birdie phrase from.  I never knew if it was a self proclaimed quote that came from living through the depression, raising 6 children, or working and helping support her own family.  
So what does any curious person do when they want an answer? 

I Googled it.

It is a child's poem. 

She was quoting Tennyson, as in, Lord Alfred.

Why was I surprised?  She was intelligent, well read, and quick witted. 
Was it read to her in her youth? Did she recite it in school? 
Had she found it later in life when her own children were in their cradles? 

Questions I can't Google.  
For now, I'll have to be satisfied with the Google response and the unanswered questions.  

Here is the Original Poem as written:

Cradle Song
by Lord Alfred Tennyson

What does little birdie say
In her nest at peep of day?
Let me fly, says little birdie,
Mother, let me fly away.
Birdie, rest a little longer,
Till thy little wings are stronger.
So she rests a little longer,
Then she flies away.
What does little baby say,
In her bed at peep of day?
Baby says, like little birdie,
Let me rise and fly away.
Baby, sleep a little longer,
Till thy little limbs are stronger.
If she sleeps a little longer,
Baby too shall fly away.

Miss you tons Grandma. Thanks for the lesson.

Time to Fly

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Being over 50 and My Vanity Distraction

It's been quite awhile since I have posted and I am trying to adjust my lifestyle to being more consistent. Not only with my blog but with life decisions as well.  I have spent the last few weeks battling bronchitis, with an "episode" of high blood pressure mixed in for good measure.  All of this combined, (did I mention I started a new job as well?) have left me feeling a bit unsettled and insecure.  
Since today is my 50-something birthday I felt it was the right time to put things back in balance. I have pledged to myself to take a multivitamin everyday, exercise and lose some weight. All things in moderation. Wish me luck as I will need support to stay on track. 

Contrary to what my children think, there is life after 50, and I want to be around to enjoy it!

To distract myself from the coughing and being up at all hours from a prednisone induced mania, I dove into a furniture project that I had for my Mother for Mother's Day.  Unfortunately, I did not take a BEFORE picture but it looked a lot like this one:

After much perusing on Pinterest (Been down that rabbit hole lately?)
I decided to do a stain/paint combo.  I love the look.  I used ASCP in Cream and a dark walnut gel stain from Hobby Lobby.  The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is so easy to use and glides on like butter.  
Here is the end result:

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  I know you love it! 

Time to Fly!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My sign of Spring...from my Father's Garden

The Crocus's Soliloquy

Down in my solitude under the snow,
Where nothing cheering can reach me; 
Here, without light to see how to grow,
I'll trust to nature to teach me. 

I will not despair, nor be idle, nor frown,
Lock'd in so gloomy a dwelling;
My leaves shall run up, and my roots shall run down,
While the bud in my bosom is swelling.

Soon as the frost will get out of my bed,
From this cold dungeon to free me,
I will peer up with my little bright head;
All will be joyful to see me.

Then from my heart will young petals diverge,
As rays of the sun from their focus;
I from the darkness of earth will emerge,
A happy and beautiful crocus.

Gaily array'd in my yellow and green,
When to their view I have risen,
Will they not wonder that one so serene
Came from so dismal a prison?

Many, perhaps, from so simple a flower
This little lesson may borrow -
Patient to-day, through its gloomiest hour, 
We come out the brighter to-morrow. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's February? (Free Printables) and Organizational Distraction

SO.. I just got the last of the Christmas stuff actually put away (there I said it)...Can anybody else relate? 
I had this "eclectic" mix of Snowmen, random greenery, Valentine's Day Framed Printables,
 and green apples on my kitchen window ledge, 
waiting for spring. 
 Time to get it together.
I have been midstream with lots of unfinished projects and have had a hard time prioritizing. 
 Seems I set my mind on one thing just to be diverted to another. I tore into our office which is quite a small space, practically a closet, and have yet to pick up the pieces in there. 

 My laundry is always lurking (Have I mentioned I HATE Laundry?) and I need to go through clothes and purge. 

I want to downsize our TV cabinet in the basement, but it is full of games and the girls childhood toys. What do I do with all of that? So...more sorting, more purging...does it ever get any easier? 

Ever have so many thoughts in your head that you get exhausted just trying to put them in some sort of order that makes sense? 
 Whew...Guess I just need to take one thing at a time and finish.
 I'll let you know how that works out!  Stay Posted!

 In the mean time I have a link to the Valentine Printables that I mentioned earlier. 
 SO cute and easy! Just Print and Frame!
And this one too! 
Time to get moving...
Any of you ever hit an Organizational Distraction? 
 Time to Fly! 
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Favorite Christmas Books

My Dear friend Marcie introduced me to Mary Engelbreit and my literary world was never the same. Her illustrations are amazing and drawn with such love.  Each one of our children have a copy waiting for them when they want it someday for their children. 

This next book was a favorite because our children grew up without a chimney.  This covers the 
"chimneyless children everywhere."

Again, the illustrations are wonderful.

One of my favorites is Bob....

And another great illustrator/storyteller is Jan Brett.  With her Scandinavian style, it is near and dear to our Swedish roots.

This is a moving, yet somewhat dark, story that lifts us all with hope.

And another Night Before Christmas. This is a pop-up book and is absolutely delightful.
Quick peak inside...
Our girls would marvel at each page. Wonderfully done. 

Time to Fly!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Christmas Fir 2012

The Tree

My husband used to lay on the floor with the girls after the tree was decorated, (their heads way up under the tree) and look at the lights from that vantage point.  He always has an interesting perspective and has been great about teaching our children how to think outside of the box. 
Their feet sticking out from the tree and the Ooos and Ahhs that soon followed are some of my favorite tree lighting moments. 

My Daughter1, who is married, told me last week that she and her husband have started the tree bottom collecting.
Traditions are awesome.

Start your own this year! 

Time to Fly!

The Chicken Chick